Do you spend time thinking?… just thinking about your time? Like, “Where has the time gone?” Have you used your time wisely? Have you considered how you used, use and intend to use your time in the future? Who did/do you share your precious time with? What do you do...

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Lived Experience

IN CELEBRATION OF THE LIVED EXPERIENCE The ‘lived experience’ is the intent to directly explore the origin or reflective dimensions of human existence, thus identifying the cause and effects of our lived encounters.  Armed with this knowledge the individual can plan...

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Gang Culture

First a theoretical rather than emotional definition of the term gang. According to Pitts (2007) a gang is ‘a group of recurrently associating individuals with identifiable leadership and internal organisation, identifying with or claiming control over territory in...

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Don’t Give Up

I was speaking to some colleagues a few weeks ago and upon reflection of the discussions have wondered how I could use the experience to further enhance others.  This reminded me of a saying… “Bad times have a way of teaching us things that we do not learn in the good...

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