Coaching where it matters

IOTC Coaching Solutions focuses on the following themes:

  • Personal Self-esteem, family, relationship, parenting Solutions
  • Professional Development Solutions – Career selection, training, progression
  • Educational – Academic solutions at all education levels
  • School Exclusion Prevention Solutions – education drop-outs; promoting and achieves academic success
  • Cultural Competence Solutions
  • Parenting Coaching Solutions
  • Education Coaching Solutions
  • Whole Organisational Change Solutions

Each Coaching Solution experience runs for a period of 6 sessions and focuses on a specific area of development chosen by the coachee. This is not counselling, neither do are you provided with the answers to address concerns or issues that are being supported. They are powerful coaching journeys and relationships that are designed to empower and enable.

The evaluated, unique coaching model used by IOTC-Solutions, recognises the positive outcomes attained by beneficiaries. Each testimony reveals difficult situations that initiated the identified need for a coaching relationship. The achievements and ongoing development as a result of their powerful, focused and structured coaching journey. The model reflects IECR – Identity, Esteem, Competence and Resilience as reflected in the following model.




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