Diversity is about difference.  In this context it takes into consideration identity, values, aspirations, culture, faith, Belief, language and tradition.  These all contribute to what we would consider diversity. However, these differences are not always accepted positively particularly in the work place where people of colour are more likely to find themselves in lower graded and paid jobs despite holding qualifications, experience and expertise.  Judgments are made about people based on stereotypes, which can clumsily and painfully result in micro-aggressive behaviours which Impact negatively on individuals or minority groups.

Diversity Training


Inside Out Solutions addresses serious issues using humour and engagement of the audience, as active resources. Participants are ‘drawn-in’ to the presentation, engaged and encouraged to interact which results in positive interaction and positive outcomes.


Topics include:


  • Race, discrimination and diversity
  • Personal development – internal and external issues that impact on the individual
  • Identity, Esteem, Competence and Resilience
  • Freedom from the Constraints of Unconscious Bias
  • The power of institutions to enhance or deplete students, colleagues, parents and the community
  • Management and leadership roles and responsibilities to inclusion


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